Energy facilities

Capacitor banks

Reactive power

There are numerous machinery such as motors, transformers, reactors, etc., which need to run magnetic fields are formed. These teams generally inductive, absorb energy from the network to create magnetic fields and returned while disappearing. With this energy exchange, it causes additional consumption that is not usable by receivers. This energy is called "reactive power" and is measured in kVArh.

Reactive energy causes an overload in lines, transformers and generators without producing a useful performance. However, the energy bill itself the accounts, so you can get to increase it in amounts significant power factor (cos φ ): Relate active power consumption and apparent facility.

The apparent power in turn depends on the active and reactive energy. For the same active power consumption, the greater the reactive energy consumption lower the power factor and the greater the financial penalty (in case the power factor is less than a certain value).

What can be done to reduce the economic penalty for reactive energy consumption?

In the event that the electricity bill of your company a concept of reactive energy penalty appears, there is a simple technical solution to eliminate this disadvantage must be installed capacitor bank .