Cast Savings

Energy services based financing savings allow different possibilities of savings and guarantee delivery by the ESE. Thus, depending on the needs of the contractor and the proportion of project savings, the ESCO may offer some of these possibilities to contracting:

Cast savings from the start of the project

The contract will be long lasting , since the savings achieved are not fully used to finance the project, but are shared between the EUT and the contractor.

Unabridged savings at the end of the project

The ESE allocates all savings made to the amortization of the investment , so the contractor does not appreciate changes in their energy bill. The return on investment will be accelerated, since all the "benefits" are intended to finance the service. The ESE allocates in full the savings to finance investment and, once written off the investment, ending the contractual relationship between contractor and ESE.

Reparto de ahorros creciente

Initially, energy costs remain constant and, as the years progress duration of the contract, the savings are spread increasingly to the contractor until, at the end of the contract, it receives the total savings of the project.