Energy audits

Energy Audit means conducting a comprehensive study of all aspects, both technical and economic, that directly or indirectly affect the consumption of different energy in a building.

Objectives of an energy audit

The objectives seek to achieve with conducting an energy audit are basically the following:

  • Get a reliable knowledge of energy consumption.
  • Identify where and how energy and factors affecting consumptionconsumed. 
  • Optimize power supply. 
  • Improve recruitment of electricity and fuel.
  • Identify energy costs. 
  • Detect and assesss savings opportunities and improving energy efficiency.
  • Eliminate energy losses. 
  • Maximize the efficiency of the installation.
  • Reducing emissions per unit of production. 
  • Assess opportunities for energy diversification and its impact on energy costs.
  • Analyze the possibility of using renewable energy. 



  • Reduction of energy costs by optimizing energy consumption. 
  • Increased service life of equipment.
  • Increased competitiveness.
  • Improved corporate image for the contribution to environmental care.
  • Access to public aid for the realization of energy studies.