Lighting does more than illuminate and guide the way.

It can enhance form and function, improve security and create flexible spaces that adapt to the task at that time. And in these troubling times when the price of energy is skyrocketing and compliance is becoming tighter, it also helps companies achieve sustainability goals that transmit corporate responsibility.

We believe in lighting solutions for efficient industry that reduce environmental impact and save at the same time, increase quality and productivity. Solutions to "install and forget about them " that not only respected but may even improve lighting standards in force.


Save energy. The save costs based on alternative energy systems are already reducing the impact of industry on the planet. But to really make progress in sustainability, lighting solutions that complement those natural sources of energy are needed. Thanks to our extensive experience in sustainable design, we can create solutions that meet ecological and business requirements. Because green facilities are not just healthier for people and the planet: also get better results for the company thanks to its energy savings of up to 70 %.

We work with multiple brands, allowing us to better understand the effect of light on the performance of workers in production environments. This knowledge has enabled us to develop lighting solutions that create safer environments and productive work, and reduce eyestrain by providing the right level of light.

Because when people look better, they work better. To optimize performance, it is essential to have good lighting in the workplace and task areas are well lit, especially if staff have already certain age. Today it is known that the beneficial effects of good lighting go far beyond what was originally thought. In fact, in the last twenty years medical science has proven time and again that light can have a positive influence on health and wellness.

Main applications of illumination:

  • Industrial ships
  • Oficces
  • Streetlights
  • Hotels and residences