Service energy manager

Service energy manager will ensure that your energy costs will always be optimized and not have to worry about hiring in the liberalized market. Enerbide energia do it for you.

  • Furthermore month will simulateand verify the monthly bill, will perform consumption statistics, comsumption and comparative summary of data in electronic format. 
  • Development report consumption and report recommendations on improvements and contracted power, active energy, reactive energy and other items invoiced.
  • Chart maximun power (720 hours per month).
  • Advise on negotiating supplies.
  • Service complaints with distribution company.
  • News report on relevant developments and regulatory changes that occur in the BOE (Official State Gazette) affecting procuremente by the customer.
  • Semi-annual report improvements in energy fields both in terms of supply and energy efficiency areas.

Servicio Gestor Energetico

Possibility of incorporating remote metering equipment and monitoring consumption.