Energy sales

Technical benefits

  • An ESCO has a qualified technical team with extensive knowledge and experience on which projects are more profitable and save more energy in each sector. Therefore, the project will be implemented with the maximun technical guarantees and the best technical and economical solution will be adopted. 
  • The ESE is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the project and that it operates in accordance with the agreed specifications, so it will look for cost savings and profit of the proyect. In addition, certain volumes of energy savings are guaranteed by the ESCO. 
  • ESE achieved, usually by the volume of purchase made, better supply conditions,  consigue, both technical and economic. You get a better proyect for less money.  
  • Technological renovation of its facilities, improving competitiveness and industrial productive assets.  

Financial benefits

  • The ESE can provide funding for proyect implementation. This allows the industry to have its financial resources to other proyects, ie mantain its borrowing capacity, and, therefore, investment, without any change in its financial statements arising from the implementation of energy saving proyect.     
  • All expenses incurred in repairs aimed at saving energy are recovered by reducing the cost associated with the energy.  
  • Immediate reduction of energy costs without making any investment, because the investment is made bu the ESE. At the end of the transaction, the customer will own a team in perfect condition without investment.
  • Possible immediate benefit in the income statement for the customer ESE, if you pay less for the energy bill from the commissioning of the installation.