Energy sales

¿Why choose one company of service energy?

  • Energy costs are immediately reduced as the entire investment or part of the perform from Cenit Solar . The client keeps its borrowing capacity and therefore investment , without any change in their financial statements.
  • The project will be implemented with maximum guarantees, since we are a recognized entity with technical and financial capacity, we have a highly qualified and experienced technical staff in energy projects. What it gives the customer a total guarantee in the execution and subsequent maintenance.
  • We carry out projects with the best environmental and economic-technical solution.
  • The customer will not have technical responsibility for the project, which, if a problem of this kind arises, it will not be a financial loss since we assume all technical and economic risks associated with the project .
  • Una vez finalizado el contrato de servicio, la instalación en perfecto estado de uso, pasará a ser de su propiedad.
  • In Bikote Solar we handle the technological renovation of the equipment and facilities, thereby improving competitiveness and customer assets.
  • In general, the use of renewable energy, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions, less dependence on conventional fuels and promoting employment by creating new jobs. It therefore represents a social and environmental benefit because it helps save the emission of polluting gases such as CO2, sulfur oxide...
  • Any installation of renewable energy is perceived as a symbol of modernity and user engagement with the environment-friendly. This is reflected in an educational benefit as it helps to educate society in the current energy situation.
  • The trend in prices of conventional fuels tend to increase at least 6 % annually. In addition , these prices are very sensitive to international situations (natural disasters , wars, political crises , etc. ) . For example , in recent years (2002-2008) , the oil price increased more than five and three gas .

We assume all risks incurred by the user until full repayment. offering the user the option at any time to acquire the equipment. Once the repayment period of the same is finished, it will be handed to the user of the ownership thereof. At this time, all generated cost savings will be passed directly to the user, who is also responsible for the procurement of equipment maintenance.